What Men Want In A Woman: Sex On The Brain, Sort Of

What men want in a woman is sex on the brain. I mean let’s face it. We’re all born to reproduce. Sex is a natural part of that process. Of course, if sex was all we cared about, we would be shagging every moving thing in sight. As humans, we have evolved into beings that combine this primal impulse with the complexity of a well developed set of emotions. As much as you would like to think that all men care about is the woman’s body in sex that only counts for about 10%. Women who know the other 90% have men that crave them and them only. Want to know what that other 90% is?

1. 50% Trust

Trust is something that we all need in this world to survive. If we didn’t trust anyone, we wouldn’t even be having sex in the first place. You have to have some trust in the other person to successfully procreate.

Trust isn’t the only factor, though. The other most important thing are the emotions that come with making love with someone you trust. Trust breeds intimacy and that’s what keeps couples together. The last thing you would want is to be with someone and feel like you’re 1000 miles apart.

2. 20% Openness

This is something that also have evolved from the human psyche. We are all insecure. Every one of us. No matter how much we pretend that we are completely, 100% comfortable in our own skins, there is something that keeps us rooted to reality.

And that’s actually normal. I think it’s impossible to be 100% completely secure with yourself. That insecurity gives the balance in people that render them imperfect. Sex is the perfect opportunity to show your flaws and if you’re both open about it, that is something else that husbands love in their wives.

3. 20% Intensity

There are not many animals besides humans who have sex for pleasure. Dolphins do it and so do pigs. Anyway, if it was all about simply getting from A to Z in the fastest possible time, everyone would be having sex less.

Sex is all about reaching an emotional peak as much as it is about reaching a physical one. I know that sound corny but it’s true. Men love women who focus on the emotions of the act.

What men want in a woman is someone who believes that men don’t simply focus on the physicality of sex. We want so much more out of it, regardless of if we know it or not.

Jack Keys is a regular, married man who’s far too observant in his relationship. Whenever his wife does something or says something that makes him react emotionally (angry, happy, disappointed), he notes it down.

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