How to Keep Your Woman – Sex Tricks


There are 2 distinct ways to keep your woman in a relationship. Most relationships fail out of boredom and becoming too stale. This leads to infidelity, where the woman begins seeing other men for variety and change. Here’s how to completely solve that problem:

1. Learn how to last longer in the sack. Lasting longer is such an enormous, incredible, relationship builder and maintainer. This really cannot be understated. It gives the woman no reason to leave a relationship out of sexual frustrations or lack of being sexually satisfied. It gives you a certain crown that you are constantly wearing. The one surefire way to please your lady is learning how to last longer consistently, and not suffer from things like premature ejaculation.

2. Learn every sexual and erotic trick and technique in the book. Lasting longer is the first step, and stepping up your sex game through erotic tips and techniques is the second step. Again, by being a lover who adds an enormous amount of variety to your sex life, then this gives no reason for the woman to even consider being with anyone else.

Being so pleased sexually will naturally make her not even pay attention or be attracted to other men. You close the window from having that happen by learning sex skills and techniques which add variety to your sex life. Otherwise, lacking in such areas, the window becomes open and the woman naturally can begin looking and becoming attracted to others.

Women who are happy sexually are happy women! And these two methods are surefire ways to keep your woman happy and your relationship tight.

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