Christian Woman Sex Tips

There are specific tips Christian women can use to greatly enhance their sex life with their partner. Here’s how to have a great Christian sex life:

1. Get Him Excited.

One negative aspect of intimacy that Christian women face is not being able to get their partners excited about sex. This can be due to a variety of reasons ranging from nervousness, inexperience, fear of not pleasing you, premature climax issues, and issues related to Christianity and what is accepted and what is not.

By trying to make intimacy fun, playful and easygoing, you begin to create a stress free, relaxing environment. Research a good Christian sex manual and find guaranteed ways which will please him and make him excited about future intimacy time together. Once you create a relaxing and fun environment, you can then begin to:

2. Help Him with Intimacy.

As mentioned above often times there are issues that should be dealt with right away, rather than suppressed and never faced. Unfortunately the male is usually the last to bring up any intimacy problems, so it’s left to the woman to not only bring it up, but help him along with solutions!

Well, the good thing is there are many solutions available to just about any intimacy problem, and the Christian woman can successfully and creatively, implement such solutions and actually create the kind of wonderfully pleasing lover that she desires!

Simply address the problem, find the solution, and guide him along in helping him with implementing that solution, stressing how much more enjoyable intimacy will be for both you and him.

3. Learn Christian Sex Techniques.

There is so much to learn in the way of Christian intimacy that one should definitely research the different techniques that can add variety and passion to any Christian relationship. These will range from allowable positions, to Christian safe sex toys, to simple and effective ways to celebrate sexual intimacy on a regular basis. A good Christian sex manual can provide all the above, and can successfully create a wonderful and exciting sex life for years to come!

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